Welcome to Protective Polymers Ltd

We are specialist manufacturers of High Performance Roofing Membranes and Anti-Graffiti coatings for the construction industry. We also produce Aerogel Liquid Insulation and anti-corrosion paints for industrial environments

Our Products

Roof Coatings

Protective Polymers Ltd, manufacture 4 types of roof coatings to meet all our customer requirements. Our product range consists of Moisture Cured Urethane’s, Silane Terminated Polymers, Methyl Methacrylate and Waterborne technologies.


Our SuperSeal has been developed to repair all types of leaky roofs and gutters SuperSeal will bond and seal most plastics, metal, aluminium, stone, and concrete even under water

Top Coats

Our ProTect PU products offer excellent durability in most industrial environments. They can be used as a top coat over many approved primers to provide corrosion protection with great colour stability they have an indefinite over coating window.


Our primer range consists of both epoxy and waterborne technology, many of our primer range can be applied over mechanically prepared substrates elevating the need for costly blast cleaning. Our water base technology can be used a Primer/finish.

Liquid insulation

Our aerogel Coatings are state of the art technology. Using the best insulation particles in the world. “Aerogel” our thermal insulation properties are leading edge. They can be spray or trowel applied to provide the best thermal barrier and low thickness.

Balcony Coatings

Polyure Walkway is a moisture triggered elastomeric urethane coating specifically developed as a high-performance waterproofing and walkway slip resistant system for balconies terraces and stairs