Product Name: SilCoat 650 TC

High tepmerature siloxane top coat

Product Information

SilCoat 650 TC is a high temperature silicone top coat that is specifically formulated to provide colour stability at elevated temperatures and provide a top coat over PolyMeric CUI 650 or other high temperature primers (see data sheet for other Protective Polymers compatable primers). SilCoat 650 TC cures at ambient temperatures making the ideal solution for shop application. SilCoat 650 TC can be applied to hot surfaces up to 260°C enabling facilities to carry out maintenance without the need for costly shut downs. SilCoat 650 TC provides outstanding adhesion, film integrity, color stability, corrosion and weathering, and resists thermal shock throughout its entire temperature range. Also see SilCoat 950 TC

Technical Information

  • Available in 10 standard colours Safety Red, Safety Orange, Safety Green, Safety Blue, Safety Yellow, Black, White, Grey Ral 7035, aluminium and pigmented stainless. Colour Cards available on request. ( Colour card )Custom colours can be made to order subject to a minimum quantity
  • High temperature top coat for Polymeric CUI 650.
  • Custom colours available made to order.
  • Self priming, or can be used as a top coat
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray
  • Excellent weather restistance and colour stability.
  • Drys to a hard finish without heat cure.
  • Ideal for shop application.
  • Can be used as a sealer over TSA. see data sheet
  • Can be applied to hot substrates up to 260°C
  • See data sheet for more information

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