Product Name: Protect ST

Surface tolerant epoxy aluminium primer

Product Information

Protect ST has excellent anticorrosive properties and good impact and abrasion resistance. Protect ST show good adhesion to St3 prepared steel substrates and compatible with most aged coatings.
Protect ST is generally used in areas where blast cleaning is difficult on not permitted due to environmental or cost restrictions Protect ST can be used on hot surfaces up to 120°c. Protect St is compatable with most industrial topcoats. See data sheet for more information

Technical Information

  • Thinner No 5
  • Specific Approx. 1.44 kg/L (Mixed Product)
  • Theoretical spreading rate @ 100 μm  d.f.t. 7.5 m²/L
  • Weight solids 87% ± 2%
  • Volume solids 82% ± 2%
  • VOC 147 grams per litre
  • Solvent / reducer Up to 3% Slovesso 100 & Solvesso 200 for hot application. (For hot application see the application guide)
  • Packaging 5 and 20 Litre
  • Dry temperature resistance 120°C

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