Product Name: AeroShield 180 T15

Aerogel Acrylic Liquid Insulation

Product Information

AeroShield 180 T15 is a textured liquid insulation is the best in its class providing superior performance against other liquid insulation products on the market today. It improves efficiency and reduces energy costs with a low thermal conductivity of only 00.32 Mw/Mk, its performance is equivalent to most conventional insulation products but with the added benefit that it does not take up moisture and in so prevents corrosion under Insulation. It provides personal protection to the ASTM 1057 skin touch test.
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Technical Information

  • A liquid applied insulation, a direct replacement for conventional insulation on hot process piping, steam lines, storage tanks
  • heat exchangers, pressure vessels, valves, boilers, HVAC, vats, and many more uses.
  • Volume Solids 84 %+ /- 2%
  • Colour White / Light Gray
  • Specific Gravity Approx. 0, 50 kg/L
  • Thermal conductivity 0.032 mW/Mk Dry
  • Temperature Resistance 180°C continuous 204°C Maximum short term
  • Packaging 25 Lt plastic buckets
  • Solvent Water
  • Mixing AeroShield 180 T15 is a single component coating. The coating needs to be stirred with a mixing paddle on slow speed in reverse mode

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