SilCoat SZ 400

Silicone zinz Primer

Product Information

SilCoat SZ 400 is a heat resistant zinc pigmented silicone primer. It cures at ambient temperature and resists temperatures up to 400°C/750°F.
SilCoat 400 SZ provides outstanding corrosion protection for metal surfaces operating at temperatures up to 400°C. SilCoat 400 SZ can be over coated
with SilCoat 650 TC.

SilCoat 400 SZ is intended for atmospheric conditions.  Do not use under insulation, for insulated service use PolyMeric CUI 650


Technical Information

Stacks, Breechings, Boiler Casings
Manifolds, Mufflers and Exhausts

Hot Piping, Process Vessels, Heat Exchangers
Refinery Equipment - Heaters, Crackers
Furnaces, Ovens

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