Protectosil WS 808

Impregnation paste based on silane chemistry for the hydrophobation of dense building materials especially alkaline substrates such as concrete.

Protectosil WS 808

Protectosil® WS 808 is intended for waterproofing of mineral substrates, in particular roofing tiles and common brick. When diluting Protectosil® WS 808 the product must be added into demineralized water under vigorous stirring. The recommended dilution rate ranges from 1:10 – 1:100, the ideal dilution rate for best performance depends on the mineral substrate. The amount to be applied depends to a large extent on how absorbent the substrate is and should be tested in advance. For the treatment of common brick a dilution rate of 1:20 is generally recommended at a consumption rate of appr. 0,3 - 0,4 l/m².


Technical Information

Is suited for the hydrophobizing impregnation of porous, mineral substrates
Shows very high reactivity and resistance against alkali
Shows optimum penetration even in dense mineral substrates
Shows no formation of sticky silicone films
Gives invisible and water vapor permeable protection
Reduces significantly the uptake of water and water based pollutants
Is applied undiluted
Has a long contact time with the substrate due to its paste-like consistency thus allowing for very high penetration depth, reducing loss of material by run-offs, and facilitating overhead applications

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