Protectosil WS 610

Protectosil® WS 610 is a high performance water repellent emulsion for masonry.

Protectosil WS 610

The main application is facade impregnation creating a water beading effect at the surface. Protectosil® WS 610 reduces the ingress of water and waterborne contaminants into the substrate and thereby prevents premature deterioration. Protectosil® WS 610 chemically bonds with silica to form a permanent attachment of water repellent molecules while also providing an excellent beading effect on the surface. Protectosil® WS 610 is supplied as a 50 % water-borne emulsion. It is mainly used to manufacture formulations with lower concentration of active ingredient in water.


Technical Information

Mineral rendering
Sand-lime brickwork
Hard-baked brickwork
Roofing tiles
Concrete surfaces
Water vapor permeable, colorless
Waterproofing with surface beading
No formation of a sticky silicone film
Effective on micro cracks up to 0.3 mm
High reduction of water absorption
High water repellent effect and good penetration in absorbent mineral building materials

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