Protectosil WS 460

Solvent-free emulsion based on organosilanes with excellent beading properties for the impregnation of concrete and other mineral substrates.

Protectosil WS 460

Masonry water repellents produced from Protectosil® WS 460 should be applied by flooding, brushing or rolling. The substrate should be dry and clean with sufficient porosity. It is recommended to evaluate the required dosage by means of representative test areas prior to the final impregnation. Very dense substrates (e.g. marble) may not be suitable for impregnation with products based on Protectosil® WS 460. The durability of the water repellency depends to a large extend on the penetration depth which can be influenced by repeated wet-in wet application and the active content of the emulsion.


Technical Information

Durable protection from water-induced damage to masonry
Excellent beading effect
High penetration depth even on concrete
Effective protection even in driving rain
Efflorescence prevention
Protection against de-icing salts
Reduces heat conductivity and improves thermal insulation
In most instances no change in surface appearance and virtually no reduction of vapour permeability
Solvent-free and low VOC application

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