Protectosil WS 328

Solvent-free emulsion based on reactive organomodified siloxanes for the hydrophobizing impregnation of absorbent, mineral substrates with excellent beading propertiese

Protectosil WS 328

For the production of ready-to-use dilutions water (preferably de-mineralised) is added to the emulsion while stirring at low shear. Dilutions should be protected from growth of microorganism by the addition of a suitable preservative (e.g. Acticid MBS from Thor-Chemie). We recommend stirring Protectosil® WS 328 and formulations made from it prior to use. Masonry water repellents produced from Protectosil® WS 328 should be applied by flooding, brushing or rolling. The substrate should be dry and clean with sufficient porosity. Acceptable surface cleaning methods include sandblasting and water blasting. It is recommended to evaluate the required dosage by means of representative test areas prior to the final impregnation. Very dense substrates (e. g. marble) may not be suitable for impregnation with products based on Protectosil® WS 328. Very absorbent substrates may require up to 1 l/m² of Protectosil® WS 328. During application outside temperatures and surfaces temperatures should be between +5 °C and +40 °C. Protectosil® WS 328 should not be applied during strong wind or rain.


Technical Information

Milky white emulsion based on organomodified siloxanes

Almost free of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
Diluteable with water
Treatment for brick, natural stone and facades
Injected damp-proof course (DPC, horizontal barrier) for brick, stone and concrete walls
Hydrophobizing impregnation of neutral, mineral substrates
Efflorescence prevention
Penetrates very good in porous, mineral substrates
Invisible and water vapor permeable protection
Reduction of water uptake and water soluble pollutants

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