Protectosil WS 300 P

An aqueous, solvent-free water repellent paste

Protectosil WS 300P

Protectosil® WS 300 P is applied as delivered and must not be diluted. It may be applied on dry and clean surfaces by common techniques such as rolling, brushing or airless spraying. The consumption strongly depends on the absorbency of the substrate. The consumption can vary between 50 and 400 g/m2. We therefore recommend to determine the required dosage in small test areas prior to the final impregnation. On some subsurfaces a bathochromic shift may be observed, which does not influence the effectiveness of the treatment. Very dense substrates (e. g. marble) may not be suitable for impregnation with products based on Protectosil® WS 300 P. The application should not be done at temperatures below 5 °C. When applied at temperatures above 30 °C some loss of material may result from evaporation.


Technical Information

Protectosil® WS 300 P
Is suited for the hydrophobizing impregnation of porous, mineral substrates
Is especially designed for water repellent impregnation of neutral substrates, e. g. red bricks, natural stones etc.
Shows optimum penetration even into dense mineral substrates
Shows no formation of sticky silicone films is resistant against alkali
Gives invisible and water vapor permeable protection
Reduces significantly the uptake of water and water based pollutants
Is applied undiluted
Has a long contact time with the substrate due to its paste-like consistency thus allowing for very high penetration depth, reducing loss of material by run-offs, and facilitating overhead applications

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