Protectosil SC POWDER

Highly efficient, water redispersible powdery admixture for cementitious building materials to impart easy-to-clean properties.

Protectosil SC POWDER

Protectosil® SC POWDER can be handled in all standard compulsory mixers for powdery cement based products.
Potential interactions with further additives have to be tested.
Information concerning the use of Protectosil® SC POWDER together with other additives (e.g. air-entraining agents) is available upon request. The recommended dosage of Protectosil® SC POWDER is in the range of 2 - 5 % based on the cement weight in the end formulation. Protectosil® S C P O W D E R containing formulations are smoothly miscible with water. It is recommended to predispers Protectosil® SC POWDER in the mixing water and subsequently add this dispersion to the dry mix. Alternatively, Protectosil® SC POWDER can be mixed with the dry mix and water can be added subsequently. In this case, it should be ensured that Protectosil® S C P O W D E R i s homogeneously distributed prior to the addition of the water. Too intensive mixing of the final mix can cause unwanted air insertion. Usual ripening times can be foreseen prior to casting..

Technical Information

    Is a white, free flowing powder
    Is an admixture for cement based mixtures
    Is used to achieve easy-to-clean properties on the surface of cured cementitious materials
    Chemically bonds to the cement phase and other siliceous material present in concrete
    Does not influence the colour and the surface appearance of concrete
    Leaves the concrete water vapour permeable
    Reduces capillary water and oil absorption significantly
    Is easy to mix and does not change the wetting properties of a modified mix
    Is especially suitable for the modification of facing concrete of concrete pavers

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