Protectosil Dry CIT

Highly efficient, in water redispersible powdery corrosion inhibitor based on Multifunctional Silane Systems™ for cementitious building materials.

Protectosil Dry CIT

Protectosil® DRY CIT can be handled in all standard compulsory mixers for powdery cement based products. Potential interactions with further additives have to be tested. The recommended dosage of Protectosil® DRY CIT is in the range 2 – 4% based on the cement weight in the end formulation. Protectosil® DRY CIT containing formulations are smoothly miscible with water. It is recommended to stir the Protectosil® DRY CIT containing end formulation into the mixing water using the appropriate vessel and mixer. Too intensive mixing can cause unwanted air insertion. A ripening time of 1 – 5 minutes, depending on the used additives, has to be considered prior to the application. Protectosil® DRY CIT was tested at SGK (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Korrosionsschutz) with excellent results. The test was carried out via wet/dry cyclic ponding in aqueous NaCl solution (wet: two days ponding in 1 M NaCl solution, dry: 5 days at 35 °C). Two complete cycles are equivalent to 1 year outside weathering. The whole test period lasted 520 days (equivalent to appr. 35 years outside weathering).


Technical Information

Chemically bonds with steel, cement phase and other siliceous material present in the concrete and the surface of the steel,
Does not influence the colour and the surface appearance of concrete
Leaves the concrete water vapour permeable,
Reduces significantly the uptake of water
Modified mortars show excellent wetting properties during processing
Protectosil® DRY CIT is especially suited for repair mortars, modification of cement, steel-reinforced cast-in-place, structures such as parking decks, facades, balconies, walkways, piers, bridge decks, beams, columns, and other steel-reinforced concrete structures, marine environments with high relative humidity and areas where de-icer salts are used

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