Protectosil 871

Water-based reactive organofunctional siloxane oligomer

Protectosil 871

Protectosil 871 is suited for the damp proof causing of brickwork it shows very good penetration of surrounding substrate and gives high reduction of water uptake it should be used in dilutions with water it may be applied by injection methods it effectively hydrophobizes bricks and mortar
may also be used for the hydrophobation of terracotta and other clay materials is free of methanol and liberates no flammable and volatile organic components (no VOCs)


Technical Information

Protectosil® 871 should be used as a dilution with water (1 part Protectosil® 871 with 1 to 20 parts of water). For the dilutions only deionized water should be used. When diluting always add Protectosil® 871 to the water while continously stirring. Foaming upon diluting can be suspended by using commercially available defoamers. For most applications a 5 % solution (1 part Protectosil® 871 with 11 parts of water) is recommended. An aqueous solution containing 5 % of Protectosil® 871 is stable for more than 2 weeks if the pH value of the solution is 7.


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