Protectosil 100 N

Silane water repellent for mineral based building materials

Protectosil 100 N

Protectosil® 100 N is a free-flowing, colorless, solvent-free liquid water repellent based on a monomeric silane, specially intended for the external waterproofing of mineral building materials


Technical Information

As a water repellent for mineral building materials especially substrates with low porosity e.g. concrete (road bridges, port facilities and all marine concretes, concrete facings, exposed aggregate concrete) clinker brick ceramic tiles as a water repellent under topcoats

very low volatility, no loss of active substance by
water vapor permeable, colorless impregnating agent
no formation of a sticky silicone film
effective on micro cracks up to 0.3 mm
greatly reduces the uptake of water and damaging
water-borne salts (e.g. chlorides)
high depth of penetration
resistant to alkali
protects against alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete
meets TL/TP-OS of the ZTV SIB 90 standards set by the
German Federal Transportation Ministry
frost resistant

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