Protectosil 009

Hydrophobizing impregnation for concrete and other porous mineral substrates with excellent beading effect

Protectosil 009

Protectosil® 009 is suitable for the waterproofing of mineral substrates, in particular low-porosity substrates such as concrete. Protectosil® 009 has to be used undiluted. The amount to be applied depends to a large extent on how absorbent the substrate is.


Technical Information

    • is specially suited for the water-repellent impregnation of concrete in outdoor areas
    • is highly reactive and resistant against alkali
    • reaches very high penetration depth
    • generates water-vapor-permeable, colorless impregnation
    • reduces significantly the uptake of water and soluble salts (e.g. chlorides)
    • protects hairline cracks of up to 0.3 mm
    • is supplied ready to use
    • creates an excellent beading effect

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Packed in 25 Kg Plastic jerry cans