Protect PU Finish

2 Pack Polyurathane gloss finish

Product Information

Protect PU Finish is a 2 pack polyurethane finish with excellent durability in harsh environments. it has very good chemical and solvent resistance combined with excellent colour and gloss retention. ProTect PU Finish can be used as a high gloss finish over properly prepared substrates. Recommended for top coating over multiple surfaces both onshore and offshore environments. See data sheet for more information


Technical Information

Volume Solids 50 %+ /- 2%
Colour Full ral range
SG Approx. 1.25 kg/L
Finish Gloss
Flash Point >24
VOC 429 grams per litre
Number of Coats 1 or 2
Mix ratio 4 Base : 1 Activator by volume
Packaging 5 and 20 Lt Steel pails
Solvent No6

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