ProTect IOZ

Inorganic zinc rich primer

Product Information

Protect IOZ is a single pack inorganic zinc rich coating, which provides exelent corrosion restistance in a single coat . Protect IOZ Primer is intended for use in industrial service on properly prepared ferrous metal surfaces. it provides excellent galvanic protection and weathering, similar to galvanizing. Excellent for use in coastal, marine or offshore enviroments
environments. See data sheet for more information

Technical Information

Supplied as a single componant inorganic zinc rich primer.
Volume Solids 70 %+ /- 2%
Colour Redish Grey
Specific Gravity Approx. 2.4 kg/L
Drying Time 30 minuites
Temperature Resistance 400°C
Packaging 10 Lt Steel pails
Solvent Thiner 10
Mixing Use a power mixer either an air motor or explosion proof electric motor.  The components should be mixed homogeneously filter throgh a 60 mesh screen

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