DeTect 200

Blue temperature indercating paintt

DeTect 200

Detect 200 is ambient cure modified silicone temperature indicating paint. Designed to change colour from blue to white in the temperature range of 200°c to 260°c. At 180°c a deep blue colour is maintained. At 200°c to 220°c colour fading is observed from a deep blue to a light blue /green. At 260°c and above the coating changes to white, the colour change is irreversible. The special resin system used in Detect 200 maintains its coating film integrity making colour reinstatement a cost effective process with minimum disruption

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Technical Information

    Detect 200 is a modified silicone temperature indicating paint within a specific temperature
    Volume Solids 49 %+ /- 2%
    Colour Blue
    Specific Gravity Approx. 1.3
    Colour Temperature Resistance 180°C
    Packaging 5 and 20 Lt steel pails
    Solvent Thinner No 5
    Mixing ratio 4-1

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