AeroShield Admixture

Aerogel insulation for renders and plasters

AeroShield Admixture

AeroShield Add Mixture is a highly filed Aerogel containing add mixture for the addition to plasters renders and screeds to increase the thermal conductivity of internal plasters and external renders AeroShield Add Mixture can be added at volumes from 0.5-1 to 2-1 depending on the level of insulation required the recomended amount is 1-1 by volume
See Data Sheet for more information


Technical Information

    Areoshield Add Mixture can be mixed with Bonding, Browning, Hardwall, Tough Coat, Undercoat plasters, finish Skim Plasters and Cement based Renders
    Colour White
    Specific Gravity Approx. 0, 40 kg/L
    Thermal conductivity 0.05 mW/Mk @ 2 - 1 mix ratio
    Packaging 30 Lt Plastic buckets
    Solvent Water
    Mixing Mix 0.5-1, 1-1, 1.5-1, or 2 parts AeroShield Add mixture to 1 part plaster by volume

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